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Oregon Bluegrass Association

Bluegrass Bands

Back Porch Revival
Backup And Push
The Bluegrass Regulators
Bluestone County
Brian Oberlin
Coral Creek Connection
Coyote Moon
Cross-eyed Rosie
Down The Road
Eight Dollar Mountain
The Emmons Sisters
Flat Mountain Girls
The Floating Glass Balls
Hakanson Family
Hardshell Harmony (email:
The Howdy Boys
Hudson Ridge Band
Kathy Boyd & Phoenix Rising
The Kindreds
Lee Highway
The Loafers
Lost Creek
Lucky Gap
Misty River
Moon Mountain Ramblers
New Old Friends
Misty Mamas
Mud Springs Gospel
No Strings Attached
Northern Departure
Old Circle
On The Street Gospel Band
Pacific Rim
Rogue Bluegrass Band
Rose City Bluegrass Band
Joe Ross Band
Runs Real Good
Shasta Ray & The Down Home Band
Sidekicks BG and Nostalgia Band
Siskiyou Summit
Steer Crazy
Sugar Pine
Larry Wilder and the Stumptown Stars
True North
Urban Monroes
Whiskey Puppy
Kate White Band
Wayward Vessel
Whistlin' Rufus